Terms and conditions for the use of the Mgarr Tennis Club’s Court

  1. Any person using the the Mgarr Tennis Club courts is presumed to have read and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.
  2. The Mgarr Tennis courts can only be booked by members of the Mgarr Tennis Club (MTC).
  3. The main court rental rates for 2015* are:
    • €5 during sunlit hours,
    • €10 when the floodlights are used.
  4. The mini court is free of charge but booking is still required
  5. Bookings for both the main and the mini courts are to be made from bookings section in the website.
  6. Payments for the main court are to be effected through PayPal while making the online booking
  7. A booking can be made up to 7 days in advance.   Members are requested to book a maximum of two sessions per week, especially if booking during peak hours (from 1900hrs to 2030hrs).
  8. It is not allowed to book two consecutive sessions at any given day/time.
  9. The courts are switched on and off by means of a switch in the clubhouse.
  10. Access to the courts is through the fenced door which is locked with a coded padlock. The padlock code will be changed regularly for security reasons. The code will be divulged during the online booking process.
  11. Every member is to ensure that the court and premises are locked properly, and that all lights are switched off prior to leaving.
  12. Every member has the duty to exercise proper care of any property present in the courts and premises. Acts of vandalism of any sort will not be taken lightly by the committee, and disciplinary measures may be taken.
  13. Entry into the court without prior booking is prohibited.
  14. Cancellations are accepted not later than 24 hours before the booking. Cancelled bookings before the 24 hours window can be rescheduled by sending an email to the email address mgarrtennisclub@gmail.com indicating the preferred date/time of the rebooking. Any booking cancelled because of unfavourable weather conditions can be rescheduled to another date/time free of charge (24 hours time window does not apply) by sending an email to mgarrtennisclub@gmail.com indicating the preferred date/time of the rebooking.
  15. Coaching courses are organised on a regular basis by the club itself for members and non-members by a coach appointed by the club committee.
  16. When a tennis court is booked, it can only be used for a game of tennis. No person is allowed to admit into the tennis court a coach for individualised training sessions. Any training or coaching sessions are to be co-ordinated by the club committee.
  17. A copy of this set of rules will be at the notice board for all to read and observe.
  18. Only non-marking tennis shoes are to worn on the tennis courts. Any refuse is to be thrown in the refuse bins supplied in the court.
  19. Showers and toilets are to be used by members only, and are to be left clean.
  20. Any member ignoring the above rules will be issued a written warning. If the member does not rectify the matter with immediate effect, the club may decide on terminating the membership of the member and may even refuse future membership of the same member.
  21. The MTC committee reserves the right to amend the above rules at any time in the interest of the Mgarr Tennis Club. Any update to the rules will be posted on the club’s Facebook page and on the website.
  22. Balls, racquets and other accessories may be purchased from the Mgarr Tennis Club at reduced prices

*Membership for 2015 is free of charge